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Hear from the many Slavin Jackson and Burns satisfied patients.  If you have a Slavin Jackson and Burns story, please share it with us!


Hear from Dr. Slavin's satisfied patients.

"Dr. Slavin
No more jaw pain
No more ear aches or headaches
No more sleepless nights -
All due to THIS.

The orthodic you fitted me
with has relieved all that and it was immediate relief!

I had been in physical therapy
but no longer need treatment.

My P.T. was very pleased also
Thank you again!"
- Joyce Schmidt

"I like Dr. Slavin. Love Jack and Josie Capotosto"
- from a handmade card for Dr. Slavin from Jack and Josie Capotosto.

"Just wonderful! I am so pleased to get rid of my CPAP machine. I wake up well rested. No snoring. Both myself and my partner are extremely happy. I would highly recommend Dr. Slavin and his staff to anyone who has sleep apnea." - Linda Lewis "

I love it, my wife loves it too. As far as my snoring it's done wonders. I'm not as tired as I used to be."
- Jack Dennison

"My wife's happy, I'm happy. I don't wake up with headaches anymore and don't get tired during the day because I am getting my full rest at night. I am very happy."
- John Evans

"Dear Dr. Slavin:
I am writing to applaud you efforts in resolving my sleep issues. This was first brought to your attention when I advised that my wife was complaining that I was snoring at night. Of course, like every snorer we deny that it could possibly be happening. I also noticed that on a number of occasions I would wake up and just feel tired. I thought it was due to lack of a more vigorous exercise routine.
At your suggestions I went to the sleep clinic associated with the local hospital where they conducted an overnight study. As a result of this study, you had suggested that an appliance might solve the problem which was worse when I slept on my back.
The new appliance that you have made was offered as a double resolution of not only sleep issues but also TMJ headaches.
I am happy to report that not only have the TMJ headaches been reduced  but I wake  up significantly refreshed everyday. The change is like I have been given a new lease on life. What I had become accustomed to on  a regular basis is like night and day compared to the quality of sleep with the resulting refreshed vitality every morning.
Thank you for recognizing the symptoms and for providing an incredible resolution.
Very truly yours, Stuart E. Finer, Esq." 
-Stuart E. Finer, Esq.

"Dear Dr. Slavin,Because of you I now have a significantly enhanced quality of life ever since you introduced me to the oral appliance that reduces the effect of sleep apnea.  Prior to using the appliance I was anchored nightly to the CPAP Machine. As good as the CPAP Machine is, the oral appliance is that much better.  It has altered my life style such to the extent that I feel liberated from the cumbersome machine. It is easily portable when traveling. It’s user friendly, it’s affordable and easy to maintain. I can’t thank you enough.  More people who suffer from Apnea should be made aware of the oral appliance.  Keep up the good work. Sincerely,Rosario R. Dalia"
-Rosario R. Dalia

"Dr. Slavin, Thank you so much for all your talent and effect you put in to helping my kids function at their best! They both look so beautiful! It makes me feel so good that we were able to take care of both my kids and do this for them!"

"You all create an atmosphere that takes the awful out of having dental work done!
Hope your holidays are happy."
-Anita Parisi


Hear from Dr. Jackson's satisfied implant patients.

"There is nothing like it!  It is worth it. There is no comparison, it is the only route to go."
- Judy Stanulevich, Hilton Head, SC

"The best thing I've ever done!"
- Patricia Randall, New Hartford, NY

"Finally, I can smile with confidence, a smile I'm proud to show everyone. I love my teeth!"
- Sarah Sylvester, Holland Patent, NY


Hear from Dr. Burns' satisfied patients.
"I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea about 5 years ago. I used the CPAP as much as I could. I could not find masks to fit right, and the whole apparatus interrupted my sleep pattern. I could never get more than 2-3 hours of sleep before waking and then unable to get back to sleep. I woke up exhausted, frustrated, and sometimes angry every morning because I knew I would have to use the CPAP for the rest of my life. I searched everywhere for any alternative to using the CPAP machine. I heard and advertisement from Dr. Burns' office about the oral appliance for sleep apnea. I have been using it over 6 months and could not be happier. It is comfortable and I sleep soundly thoughout the night in a deep sleep. I wake up refrshed and with energy for the day. I would recommend it to anyone who is unable or unwilling to use their CPAP machine." -Carolyn W. Utica, NY "

My name is Amy Gorczyka and Wayne is my husband. Since replacing the CPAP with the new oral device, he is sleeping more restful and quieter. It is so much easier for him. We are grateful he found this product." - Sincerely, Amy Gorczyka
"I am a sleep apnea patient and have struggled with my CPAP machine for 5 years.  Thanks to Dr. Burns and the oral sleep appliance I no longer have to worry about it.  My breathing is slow and regular, snoring is minimal. I sleep better. I feel better. I have more energy.  It is amazing.  It is easy to get used to and care for.  I am pleased with the results." 
-Cynthia Z., Boonville, NY

"Dr. Burns, Thank you for taking the time to come and answer questions at our Cavity Free Kids Training. The teachers who attended the training noted that they found your session to be particularly informative and useful. We hope you know how appreciated you are in our community! Sincerely, April and the Cavity Free Kids Trainers"
- April and The Cavity Free Kids Trainers

"Hi Dr. Burns, Liz told me you were asking about the scarecrow I made for you awhile back. I was so pleased to hear how much you liked it. Please accept this token of my appreciation. I feel so lucky to have met such a wonderful, caring person like you. You touched our lives in such a positive way. I want you to know your kindness has inspired me to pay it forward in many ways to help others. Thank you. Your friend, Deb Seifried"
- Deb Seifried

"Over the years I have had a number of crowns and bridges, and I always hated the gooey impressions. The iTero eliminates all that. It is so easy and, best of all, so accurate. I have never had crowns and bridges fit better. It is an amazing mechanism."
- Dena Langdon, Oriskany, NY

"The new imaging technology for designing and precisely measuring dental crowns is remarkable. Although I have had no major issues previously, the recent crown 'snapped' in perfectly and immediately became part of my dental landscape."
- Keith A. Fenstemacher, Mohawk Valley Network, Inc and Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare.


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